About the Safety Resource Group

This program is designed to offer a cost-effective option in support of governmental entities and commercial industries that want to raise the bar, create a healthier and safer workplace, protect the environment, and build a safety culture where people want to work.

The Rizikon Safety Resource Group provides access to a team of certified safety professionals and framework of best practices proven and tested by the members. Our practice comprises safety, risk management, occupational health, environmental, engineering, and loss control professionals.

Choose the Best Plan for Your Business

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  • Onsite 3 Days Per Month
  • + Resources


  • Onsite 5 Days Per Month
  • + Resources


  • Onsite 10 Days Per Month
  • + Resources

+ Resources Available

  • Days on site
  • Conduct safety program audits
  • Assist in development of Safety Manual with best practices
  • Development of safety policies, programs, and processes
  • Provide safety meeting materials aligned with Safety Manual
  • Conduct organization-wide Safety Culture Survey

  • Perform Job Safety Analysis (JSA) / Job Hazard Analysis (JHA)
  • Perform ergonomic evaluations
  • Provide safety expertise representation in HSE-related matters
  • 78+ Instructor-led Safety Training classes available, both in-person and virtually

Value Added Benefits

  • Access to all areas of expertise without paying 100% for each specialty. (safety, risk management, environmental, engineering, and loss control professionals)
  • Overall lower cost due to economies of scale being leveraged
  • Access to industry best practices
  • Shared learning from fellow government entities. Understanding what works, what does not work, and lessons learned

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Download a PDF with more information on all the health and safety training courses we offer, as well as a print friendly version of our services and pricing.

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