RESHAPE is the Solution

When your programs are just not working. They’re fragmented. Not effective. And your organization is suffering financial losses due to injury or damage to property and assets. There is a solution. In fact, it is the most commonly requested service that Rizikon provides throughout the United States. We call it RESHAPE.

The service focuses on Risk, Environment, Safety and Health programs. It is a structured process that provides; an organization wide Assessment, the development of a Plan and its Execution. This is how it works…

Phase 1: Assessment

Our subject-matter experts provide a system-wide assessment that is completed within 2-4 weeks, depending on the size of your organization. Our staff comes on-site to review processes, procedures, and data. We conduct interviews with key personnel. Safety surveys or focus groups are commonly used to help determine the current safety culture, areas of strength, and areas of concern. Rizikon will analyze the findings and develop strategies for the client to consider moving forward. As part of the evaluation process, we will address traditional safety issues of compliance, auditing, staffing, and risk reduction, as well as directly correlate safety to the organization’s operational needs.

A detailed formal report is provided for leadership’s review as well as recommended next steps for your consideration. Keep in mind, Rizikon does not operate as a service provider but rather as a partner who shares your goal of providing a safe productive work environment. The needs of the organization, the people, and the community are paramount to the decision-making process.

Phase 2: RESHAPE

Using the results of the assessment along with recognized industry best practices, Rizikon professionals work closely with internal stakeholders to RESHAPE your program. The goal is loss prevention and to improve intrinsic motivation across all layers of your organization.

The newly developed Risk, Environmental, or Safety & Health program is designed to strengthen employee and management awareness at the same time, enabling acceleration in improving organizational performance indicators. The goal being the establishment of a “Risk Adverse Culture” and having the systems for long-term sustainability.

Phase 3: The Team

As a result of the Phase 1 Assessment, should you determine additional safety staff members are needed, Rizikon can be of further assistance in two different ways.

Pathway A

Similar to engineers and doctors, safety professionals often have specific areas of expertise. Simply hiring a person who has a safety background does not mean they are the right person to address your risks.

Rizikon will work closely with your HR Department and other applicable internal stakeholders. Using the results of the assessment, we will identify, and pursue safety professionals who will provide the exact skills and expertise your organization requires. The resulting candidates are then interviewed and chosen by you to ultimately hire.

Pathway B

The process is the same as Pathway A, except the individuals become employees of Rizikon for a pre-agreed upon the length of time. These individuals work for you. They report to you. The benefits of choosing this pathway are:

1. When you hire a Rizikon staff member, you not only gain the knowledge and experience of that individual – but you also gain access to the cumulative brain trust of the entire Rizikon team.

2. At the end of the term, you can choose to make them a direct-hire, maintain them as a contract employee, or simply allow their services to expire.