Solving your toughest problems so you can solve the world’s.

Solving your toughest problems so you can solve the world’s.

Services & Solutions

Rizikon is a risk management company that uses its deep knowledge to solve problems of vital interest to our clients. Our safety evaluations and solutions are efficient, cost-effective, and repeatable.

Risk Management

Our Risk Management professionals focus on the development, communication & implementation of cost effective compliance and loss prevention strategies.


We help our clients reduce the frequency of incidents, minimize the costs associated with employee injury and diminish the impact on the organizations operations.

Cyber & Protective Services

Rizikon provides professional risk mitigation, consultation and protective services to meet the rigorous demands of today’s complex world.


Our seasoned team of professional environmental consultants provides superior solutions for environmental resource needs in private and public sectors.

Markets We Serve

Rizikon has years of experience serving six key markets, giving us an understanding and unique insight into their needs and requirements. We know how to design and develop effective risk reduction programs to meet those needs.

City & County