Innovation, Sustainability & Integrity

Rizikon isn’t just a risk management consultancy that provides solutions and analysis. We pursue excellence to help our clients achieve their operational objectives. When implemented effectively, these key processes not only reduce the risk of incidents occurring but are often an opportunity to innovate and improve overall organizational efficiency. Our Operations and Risk Management consultants focus on the development, communication and implementation of cost-effective compliance and loss prevention strategies.

Our brand of risk management consulting involves minimizing the frequency of incidents, reducing costs and diminishing the impact on the organization’s operations. However, we do more than just damage control. With strategic operational management, we empower your organization by building sustainable frameworks and raising the capability of your people through operational training and guidance. Our aim is to build greater risk resilience. Designing organizational risk management solutions and adapting them to the specific risk profile of each client and the industry is our driving motivation.

Risk Management and Operations Consulting

Rizikon professionals provide organizational risk consultation with clients to address risk-based issues within their workplace. Organization Risk Management (ORM) provides the client with a structure to understand and respond to operational uncertainties and opportunities with relevant risk insight delivered through common, integrated risk identification, analysis, and management disciplines. Reach out today for all of your business consulting needs.

Education and Training

Operations Training & Education

Rizikon risk management and operations consultants provide education and training programs for clients. We focus on subjects that assist with risk reduction, regulatory compliance, and operational efficiencies. Our operations instructors use a proactive approach to threat and opportunity – based on a clear understanding of the powerful nature of both qualitative and quantitative approaches to risk management. We offer many effective, down-to-earth operations training courses to examine threat and opportunity from a top-down and bottom-up perspective.

Operations Management

Rizikon is a privately held company that operates in support of high risk organizations and complex markets. We enable organizations to take meaningful steps to protect their assets, their people and their brand. We hold deep knowledge and experience working as contract based Risk Managers for a wide range of clients to include governmental entities, corporations, sovereign nations and non-profit organizations.