Professional Safety Assessment and Risk Analysis Tailored to Your Business

Our business safety assessment professionals focus on developing, communicating and implementing cost effective compliance and loss prevention strategies. Our risk analysis services help our clients reduce the frequency of incidents, decrease the costs associated with employee injury and lessen the impact on the organization’s operations as a result.

What sets our risk analysis program apart is our depth of internal resources that assist our clients in the successful loss prevention program management. Rizikon’s risk analysis services bring an unparalleled level of expertise in the orginizational safety field.

One of our core values is understanding our clients’ expectations and business philosophy in order to serve them effectively.

Rizikon’s Safety and Loss Prevention Services are tailored to your business’ individual needs, with onsite services coordinated with your time schedule in mind. We are here when you need us.


Safety Assessments & Safety Audits

The Rizikon Environment, Health & Safety Audit Protocol (RESHAP) is designed to evaluate EH&S management systems. The RESHAPE evaluates a location’s ability to prevent injuries, illnesses and environmental incidents, comply with governmental EH&S regulations and control costs. RESHAP is based on standards and guidelines most often found in world-class safety programs.

Consulting and services

Safety Consulting Services

Rizikon has safety professionals on staff ready to assist with your business safety assessment. We offer the client a formal structure to understand and respond to operational uncertainties and opportunities with relevant risk insight delivered through identification, analysis, and management disciplines. Our safety consultants develop health and safety programs for the client which requires planning and organization. We interact with leadership to assist in the implementation of safety programs based on regulatory standards so that our clients and their workers can achieve compliance and avoid negative financial impacts in the future.

Safety Education & Training

Rizikon offers a comprehensive catalog of health and safety training courses. Our goal is to provide effective and consistent safety education programs that assist our clients in the reduction of safety incidents, achieve and maintain regulatory-based training compliance, and support a positive workplace safety culture. In all our health and safety training materials, we offer compelling content that brings training to life.

Onsite Operations

Onsite Compliance Operations

There has been a significant shift in the professional Safety Industry. Professional services are being sought on an as-needed basis through third party safety and compliance firms versus organizations choosing to hire a full time in house safety professional.