Supporting Hish-Risk Organizations & Complex Markets

Rizikon is a privately held company that operates in support of high risk organizations and complex markets. We enable organizations to take meaningful steps to protect their assets, their people and their brand.

We hold deep knowledge and experience working as contract based Risk Managers for a wide range of clients to include governmental entities, corporations, sovereign nations and non-profit organizations.

As a member of The FDI Group, our clients receive a unique perspective that will support organizational sustainability as well as protect assets and people.


Why Rizikon

  • Our staff provide clients with a range of confidential services and advice about where improvements should be made and why.

  • We actively work with the client to implement solutions to reduce risk factors and maintain compliance with regulatory requirements in the most cost-effective manner possible.

  • As part of the risk management program we remain in regular contact with key staff, keeping clients fully informed about changes in the law, and other important issues that affect the operations of the organization.

Benefits of This Service

Over the last three to five years, we have seen a significant shift in the Risk Management Industry. Professional services are being sought on an as-needed basis through a third party versus organizations choosing to hire a full time in house professional.

On the surface, the primary reasoning behind such a decision is cost reduction. An organizations ability to not incur the costs associated with a full time employee to include ongoing skills training, salary, healthcare benefits, retirement program offerings, personal time off costs, etc.

However, in reviewing the trend deeper, we have also found that organizations seek to reap the benefits of having access to the cumulative knowledge and capabilities of an entire organization versus the benefits gained by what an “individual employee” has to offer.